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About AgTarget, Inc.  04/30/19 9:19:55 AM

 AgTarget, Inc President, Timothy L. Young has been consulting with Mid-West grain farmers since 1987.  AgTarget, Inc. has offices in Vincennes and Lafayette, Indiana.  Tim is a life-long resident of Knox County, Indiana where he worked on a large grain farm during his teenage years and his family also owned two U-Pick strawberry farms in southeastern Illinios.  Tim attended Vincennes University and earned a bachelor of science in agriculture economics from Purdue University.  From 1982 to 1987, Tim managed a retail fertilizer plant in Knox County before taking a position with a new farmer marketing venture.  In 1991, Tim decided to form AgTarget.  AgTarget, Inc. is the registered introducting broker.  Tim is the AP and listed Principal of the introducing commodity broker with ADM Investor Services.
The risk of significant loss exists in futures and options trading.
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